Kardiel Furniture

If you are looking to add high-quality mid-century modern and MCM-inspired furnishings to your home, look to Kardiel. This brand started by a family of four modernism enthusiasts has built a reputation for producing outstanding MCM furnishing replicas as well as original designs that fit well within a mid-century motif. In this guide, we will… Continue reading Kardiel Furniture

Hans Wegner Circle Chair

Hans Wegner was a pioneer in furniture design. One of the world’s leading architects, Hans J. Wegner had an affinity for chairs. During his lifetime, between 1914 and 2007, he was responsible for creating nearly 500 chairs. A Danish designer, Wegner was often asked how he was able to create the Danish style. His reply:… Continue reading Hans Wegner Circle Chair

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Keetsa Minimalist Bed Frame Is the Perfect Upgrade for Retro Modern Style

Mid-century modern homes have the right touch of furniture with a variety of minimalistic features that make them stand out. Sleek yet eye-catching, modern bed furniture is difficult to find. Keetsa has filled the market gap to offer minimalist bed frames that provide a modern look in the bedroom. Minimo, the latest bed frame from… Continue reading Keetsa Minimalist Bed Frame Is the Perfect Upgrade for Retro Modern Style

Blu Dot Furniture

Searching for beautiful, affordable furniture for your home or office in the mid-century modern style? Look no further than Blu Dot Furniture. Although Blu Dot is a modern company with original designs, you will find that they are evocative of the best of mid-century design.  Blu Dot Furniture was founded in 1997 by a trio… Continue reading Blu Dot Furniture

Barcelona Chair 101

From May 20th 1929 through January 15th, 1930, designers and innovators from around the globe gathered in Barcelona for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. Among the iconic designs to emerge from that fair was the famous Barcelona chair. The chair became a classic, and today, is still manufactured by Knoll Inc., the same company which… Continue reading Barcelona Chair 101

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