Cloud Couch by Kardiel

Cloud Couch Buying Guide

If you have spent any length of time at all recently browsing Instagram or TikTok, we are guessing you have seen the iconic Cloud Couch.

To be specific, you probably have seen the original Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch, and some less expensive alternatives that are patterned after it.

In this guide, we are going to share one of our favorite Cloud Sofa options with you, which is the beautiful and affordable version by Kardiel.

But first, we will introduce you to this manufacturer and give you a bit more background regarding the Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch.

About Kardiel

Not familiar with the Kardiel brand?

If you enjoy modern furnishings with a retro twist, you should be. A family of four launched this company, all of them obsessed with modernism. They specialize in Mid Century Modern replicas along with original furnishings with similar elements.

Kardiel explains, “We spend our days collaborating with talented furniture designers who bring history, purpose and meaning to our pieces. Working with factories that we have hand-selected for their small-scale production, we then bring their designs from paper to life and deliver them to you.”

We love the attention to detail that Kardiel brings to every aspect of its furnishings. You can count on this company to offer high-quality materials, natural oils and waxes, and painstaking hand-crafting.

What is the Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch Collection?

Now that you know a bit more about Kardiel, let’s talk about the Restoration Hardware (RH) Cloud Couch Collection.

This is the couch the world is enraptured with. Its pleasing shape and deep cushions unite form and comfort. Its style is somewhat evocative of the mid century period, and it is a fully configurable design.

But here’s the thing. The RH Cloud Couch may be lovely, but it isn’t perfect.

There are two things that could be better: the MCM styling, and the price.

While it has retro elements, to us, it simply isn’t retro enough. If we saw this as the centerpiece for a room, we might not think Mid Century Modern automatically. We would need to see it in the context of other MCM décor to really get the right vibe.

Additionally, the cost is prohibitive.

You will pay more than $4,600 for the Cloud Sofa or the Cloud Bench-Seat Sofa. And if you want the Cloud Customizable Sectional, each component costs you more than $4,000.

The Kardiel Cloud Couch: More Affordable, More Retro

Now, let’s talk about the Kardiel Cloud Couch alternative, the Cloud 90″. At the time of this writing, this sofa is available in five different upholstery options:

  • Macadamia
  • Danube Velvet
  • Blanc Boucle
  • Anchor Velvet
  • Gris Boucle

Here are the basic specs:

  • Width 90.2″ x Depth 34.3″ x Height 30.7″
  • Floor to seat height 16.9″
  • Seat Width 74.8″ x Seat Depth 22.8″

The regular price listing for this product is under $2,500. On sale, you can get it at an even lower price. So, it is far more affordable than the RH Cloud Couch.

Kardiel vs. RH Cloud Couch

Now, the Kardiel Cloud Sofa is not an exact replica of the RH Cloud Couch. In fact, it is more of a reinterpretation of some of the same design elements, but in an entirely new form.

The legs on the RH Cloud Couch are very short. Indeed, they are barely visible, so the couch almost appears to be resting directly on the floor. By contrast, the legs of the Kardiel Cloud sofa are taller, and very slender. This contributes to a classic Mid Century Modern look.

Also different are the shapes of the cushions and the bolsters. While similar, they are actually more sumptuous and cloud-like on the Kardiel couch than the RH couch. They are fuller and a bit more rounded.

Not only do we think this gives the couch a cozier look and feel, but we would say that it further enhances the retro vibe of the sofa.

Indeed, even if you placed it in a room that does not feature other MCM styling, it should be able to stand on its own, and actually confer that retro feel you want.

An Exclusive Design

Discussing the design, Kardiel writes, “On this 3-seat sofa, sinking into style is just too easy. We love how the solid wood base frames complete the entire design. Get comfy – on this sophisticated sofa; you do not want to be anywhere else. Designed exclusively for Kardiel in Denmark. It is a look that we are keeping special by reserving production to 350 each year.”

So, even with the reasonable price, you are purchasing an item that is very collectible. Knowing that production is limited, you can enjoy the rarity of your piece.

Fast and Easy to Assemble

Something else that you will appreciate about the Kardiel Cloud Sofa is how rapidly you can put it together.

The total estimated assembly time is just 5 minutes. So, you can set up your couch quickly and get right to enjoying it.

A Company That Stands By Its Products

Kardiel wants its furnishings to stand the test of time. That is why it backs its Cloud Couch with its Lifetime Furniture Warranty. Under warranty, you can repair or replace important parts such as the joints, bases, legs, sinuous springs, wood frames, platforms and hardware.

The Bottom Line: A Stunning MCM-Style Alternative to the RH Cloud Couch

The Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch Collection may be all the rage right now, but the truth is, some of the alternative products on the market are just as appealing, if not more so.

We have always been happy with our experiences shopping from Kardiel, and have fallen in love with the Kardiel Cloud Couch.

It features the same high-quality materials and attention to detail we associate with all of Kardiel’s work.

Moreover, we feel that it has a much more retro appearance than the RH Cloud Couch, and is a better complement for your Mid Century Modern living room or office.

Get the Kardiel Cloud Couch

Are you ready to relax on a luxurious couch that makes you feel like you are sitting on a cloud? To get this Scandinavian industrial modern sofa now, click the link below. Enjoy bringing home an original retro design inspired by the classic RH cloud couch, Kardiel-style!