Mario Bellini Sofa
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Mario Bellini Sofa

On Instagram and other social media sites, you have no doubt lately been seeing a particular Mid Century Modern sofa over and over again. This couch stands out in an instant with its unusual design, which can only be described as “bubbly.” What you have been admiring is the Camaleonda sofa by designer and architect Mario Bellini, sometimes just referred to as the “Mario Bellini sofa.”

If you have been fantasizing about relaxing on this sofa in your own living room, you are in the right place. We are going to point you in the direction of a high-quality replica you are going to love. But first, let’s give a little bit of background on this sofa.

What is a Bellini Sofa?

Mario Bellini’s modular sofa systems feature an appearance that truly is best likened to bubble wrap—just in a soft, plush form that is as sumptuously comfortable as it looks. The “bubbly” look extends not just to the bottoms of the seats, but also the sofa backs and the arms.

B&B Italia writes, “The fundamental characteristic of Camaleonda is its unlimited modularity, a geometric nature that allows each element to become a sort of enormous pixel through which to define your home environment. Thanks to the tie-rods and rings, the modules can be unhooked and recombined at will, allowing the sofa to adapt to an evolving taste and to the dynamic needs of those using it, while always maintaining its unique identity.”

The Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa first saw the light of day at the Museum of Modern Art exhibit “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape,” back in 1972. For the next five years, original manufacturer B&B Italia manufactured it.

Alas, B&B Italia has been quite stingy about production of this sofa. Indeed, the company took a break from manufacturing it entirely from the 80s onward. Only since 2021 have they resumed.

Naturally, a lot of consumers did not want to wait indefinitely through the years prior to find out whether this would ever happen. So, other brands took to producing replicas of the Mario Bellini Sofa.

Among those brands is the one we recommend, Eternity Modern, which has been selling reproductions of this sofa since 2019.

What Should You Look for in a Quality Reproduction of the Mario Bellini Sofa

mario bellini couch
Aniline Leather

To understand what to look for when you are purchasing a replica of the Mario Bellini sofa, it helps to familiarize yourself with the official Camaleonda sofa as produced by B&B Italia.

You can view the page where B&B Italia is selling the sofa here. Notably, there does not appear to be a price listed anywhere on this page, which should tell you something. Availability is not the only reason to shop for a replica rather than the original; for many consumers, it is also much more within their budgets.

On this page, you can view the technical information for the current official version of the sofa.

When shopping for a replica, you want a sofa that aligns with those technical details, and which features durable, beautiful materials that will stand the test of time.

Our Recommendation: The Eternity Modern Mario Bellini Sofa

Now that you know more about this iconic furnishing, you can take a look at our favorite replica and what makes it our top suggestion for those searching for a Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa for sale.

Why Eternity Modern?

If you have spent much time on our site, you already know we are big fans of Eternity Modern. This Vancouver-based company has been producing high-quality mid century furnishings since 2005.

Eternity Modern offers some of the most faithful Mid Century Modern furniture replicas and reproductions we have encountered thus far, and makes them available at a very reasonable price range.

Eternity Modern Mario Bellini Sofa Combination 008 

Mario Bellini Sofa Combination 008
Combination 008

If you are not sure where to start in collecting Mario Bellini sofa sectionals, we suggest the Eternity Modern Mario Bellini Sofa Combination 008. The overall dimensions are as follows:

  • Width: 113.4″ x Depth: 37.8″ x Height: 26.4″
  • Seat Height: 15″
  • Width: 113.4″ x Depth: 37.8″ x Height: 26.4″
  • Seat Height: 15″
  • Width: 113.4″ x Depth: 37.8″ x Height: 26.4″
  • Seat Height: 15″
  • Width: 113.4″ x Depth: 37.8″ x Height: 26.4″
  • Seat Height: 15″
  • Width: 113.4” x depth: 37.8” x height: 26.4”
  • Seat height: 15”

As with the original version of the sofa, there is a system of rings and carabiners that you can use to modularly reconfigure the sofa to your liking.

The frame is made of Merbau wood that is resistant to rot and does not feature any chemical treatments, standing on black-stained solid wood legs. This sturdy frame should hold up great to many years of use. The cushions feature shaped polyurethane foam with three layers for the right balance of coziness and dense support.

You can choose from any of the following materials for the upholstery:

  • Aniline/Vintage Leather
  • Cashmere
  • Chenille Helios
  • Classic Boucle
  • Classic Suede
  • Cotton Velvet
  • Performance Felt
  • Vegan Leather
  • Velvet
  • Vintage Leather

For each, there is a wide range of color options, allowing you to fully personalize the texture and appearance of your sofa.

Explore Eternity Modern’s Entire Line of Mario Bellini Sofa Products

Naturally, given the modular nature of Mario Bellini sofas, you may be interested in the entire line of reproductions Eternity Modern has created. You can find the collection here in full.

Products that are part of the Camaleonda line at Eternity Modern include:

  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Middle Module
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Armrest Module
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Left Armrest
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Right Armrest
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Corner Module
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Left Corner
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Right Corner
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Ottoman
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Combination 006
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Combination 007
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Combination 009
  • Mario Bellini Sofa | Combination 0012

You can see how having all of these different modules available to purchase separately make it effortless to expand your seating to accommodate any needs. There is no worrying about a sofa that is too large or too small, or one that is not just the right shape to fit. You can build exactly what you require piece by piece.

If your family expands in the future, you can pick up additional modules. If you downsize and move into a smaller home, you can simply remove sections.

Perfect Your Living Room With a Quality Mario Bellini Sofa Replica 

Mario Bellini sofa combinations offer you a chance to bring some Mid Century Modern charm to your living room while configuring the layout exactly to your liking. If you change things up later down the line, the modular sectional design allows you to rearrange your furnishings with ease. That is why it is hard to equal the Mario Bellini sofa for style and versatility. To bring its perfection to your own living room, click any of the links in this post to shop high-quality reproductions at Eternity Modern.