Surfboard Coffee Tables

Surfboard Coffee Tables

If you are shopping for a coffee table that instantly adds mid-century charm to your home, the elongated profile of a surfboard table may be just what you are looking for.

In this guide, we are going to share a selection of stylish surfboard tables with you. But first, let’s explain a bit more about the history of surfboard tables.

What is a Surfboard Table?

When you hear someone referring to a surfboard table, they could mean any of several things:

  • Any table that is shaped more or less like a surfboard.
  • A table that is made out of an actual surfboard.
  • A specific MCM table designed by Charles & Ray Eames.

The Eames table was called the “ETR,” which stood for “Elliptical Table on a Rod base.” It came out in 1951.

Eames explains, “The Eames ETR table was part of the new wave of furniture started in the early 1950’s that moved away from the look and feel of the all wood designs of the past, including the Eames own plywood chairs and tables. Still constructed of 5 layers of ply, the top was coated in a black Micarta and the base was constructed of two separate rectangular sections built from bent wire, resistance welded together.”

Today, the table is still sold as the “Eames Elliptical Table” by Herman Miller.

While the Eames ETR is the most famous surfboard table, the surfboard shape became iconic during the mid-century period.

So, any surfboard table—whether it is an Eames ETR, a table made out of a real surfboard, or just a surfboard-shaped table—can help you to bring Mid Century Modern appeal to your living room.

Make a Mid-Century Statement With These Stunning Surfboard Tables

Now that you know more about the history of Mid Century Modern surfboard tables, we can take a look at some cool products out there now. In this list, we will be focusing on original surfboard table designs rather than ETR replicas.

Many of our recommendations are Salty Home Surfboard tables.

This company has impressed us with the quality of their designs, materials and construction. But we will also recommend some products from talented crafters on Etsy.

You might be wondering if it is possible to find a real surfboard table made out of an authentic upcycled board.

This is not something we have found anywhere. Surfboards are not perfectly flat, so we are guessing it simply makes more sense to build tables from the ground up in the shapes of surfboards.

Salty Home Surfboard Tables

The One

For an addition to your home that is at once simple but striking, consider The One, a table by Salty Home. The company refers to it as their “iconic Surfboard Coffee Table.”  The tapering wood legs were inspired by the designs of Jean Prouvé, and the shape of the table is a reference to that of the Malibu funboard.

Measuring L 47 x W 17 3⁄4 x H 15 3⁄4 inches, its legs are made of beech and the scratch-resistant top is PU + epoxy resin. The surface is white with a single gold stripe running from end to end for an elegant appearance.

The One XLOrange & Blue

This is a variation on the design of The One above. Measuring L 59 x W 20 1⁄2 x H 15 3⁄4 inches, it is a little bit bigger than the original. Overall, the shape, materials and design are otherwise the same. But top of the table features a design of crisscrossed orange and blue lines in the center for a splash of vibrant color.

B59 Black Edition

Want a surfboard table with a different shape, but an overall similar design to The One? Check out the B59 – Black Edition measuring L 59 x W 23 1⁄2 x H 15 3⁄4 inches. Explaining the design choices with the shape, the company writes, “It was intentionally shorted to bring a more aesthetic and modern line.” You will notice that the pointed tips have been replaced with flattened ends.

This is the black version of the table, but there is also one in white.

Kai Lenny Limited Edition – Black Psyche

Are you in search of a table that is more evocative of the trailing end of the mid-century period? Then you might like the Kai Lenny Limited Edition – Black Psyche from Salty Home. The company describes it as a “tribute to the 70’s Psychedelic Age of Surfing.”

The shape is that of the Malibu funboard, and the legs have the same shape and configuration as those on other boards by Salty Home. While the legs are again made of beech wood, they are painted to match the dark tabletop. So, at a glance, they do not look lie wood.

The tabletop itself is dark grey with wavy thin black lines in a pleasing pattern. Polished to a shine, it has a look that is at once sophisticated and fun. Since the company is only making a limited run of these tables, you will want to pre-order so you do not miss out.

Etsy Surfboard Tables

Classic Surfboard Coffee Table by SdSealifeArt

© Etsy

Crafter Gary Brummett made this table in Southern California by hand. It measures 60 X 17 X .75 inches, and features a design of lengthwise stripes in dark and light blue and white. A single gold line runs down the center. The finish has a beautiful, smooth shine, and the colors convey beachy vibes. The table rests on hairpin metal legs.

Surfboard Coffee Table by FitzWoodworks

© Etsy

If you love surfboard coffee tables but find that most of the products in this list are out of your price range, you will appreciate how budget-friendly this table is by FitzWoodworks.

The table measures 3’11 3/4” long, 19” wide, 16 1/2” tall, and is made of wood, standing on a set of hairpin metal legs.

A pair of espresso stripes runs from one end of the table to the other. One end is pointed, while the other is flat. Aside from the stripes, the rest of the surface of the table features the natural wood color and grain. While you can enjoy the natural variations in the grain, however, it is sealed. So, it is resistant to stains and spills.

Hardwood Fishtail Style Surfboard Table by AlpineWoodCo

© Etsy

Our next recommendation for a surfboard coffee table by an independent seller on Etsy is this beauty by AlpineWoodCo. It is in a mid-priced range, and is available in two different sizes, each with a 16” height:

43″ Long x 16″ Wide
48″ Long x 18.75″ Wide

The table has a fishtail shape, so it has a bit of a different style than the others on this list, which is cool. The top of the table showcases the variations in the wood grain with a series of stripes. The crafter states that they do not use any stains or dyes, so the different colors for the stripes actually come from different types of wood.

Describing the options available, they write, “The first has purpleheart, cherry, and maple. The second has Bloodwood, walnut, and maple. The third has walnut and maple.”

Add a Touch of MCM to Your Home With a Surfboard Table

Ready to bring the nostalgia and fun of a mid-century surfboard coffee table to your living room? To get your surfboard table now, click on any of the links in this post.