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Nothing makes a timeless statement in your office or study quite like a Mid Century Modern desk. In this post, we are going to share some MCM desks with you available at Homary that feature eye-catching designs and high-quality materials and manufacturing.

About Homary

Homary itself is a distributor, rather than a manufacturer, and has been in operation since 2012. This company carefully vets all of its products for style and quality, providing customers with a wide range of affordable options. Here are a few additional reasons to shop at Homary when you are looking for an MCM desk for sale:

  • You can receive free shipping on your order.
  • You have a 30-day window for returns.
  • The company offers compensation both for late deliveries and for damage in shipping. So, you can rest easy while your desk is in transit.
  • If you have a question or need assistance, customer service is standing by at the ready 24/7.
  • Assembly for many MCM desks sold by Homary is fast and easy.

With that brief introduction out of the way, let’s take a look at a couple of the most beautiful Mid Century Modern desks you can get at Homary.

71″ Modern Computer Desk Luxury Gold Office Desk with Storage & 1 Cabinet

mcm desk for sale
  • Overall Length: 70.9″
  • Overall Width: 27.6″
  • Overall Height: 29.5″
  • Materials: Manufactured wood, plywood, stainless steel
  • 1 drawer
  • 1 cabinet
  • Warranty: 3-year limited (residential) or 1-year limited (commercial)

This striking Modern Computer Desk features startling angles and a unique “floating” effect. Available in white, black or sandalwood, it features contrasting legs with a gold finish.

What will grab your attention about the desk is its asymmetrical configuration. One side of the desk features a single large cabinet with a vertical configuration. It stands on short, tapering feet. A pair of short rods on top supports the thin slab of the desk itself above.

But if you look at the other side of the desk, you have a small drawer rather than a matching large cabinet. The drawer is suspended from above by a couple of short rods, just like the cabinet. But beneath it, there is empty space. So, a pair of legs starts under the desk close to the top of the cabinet. These then angle down to rest on the floor underneath the drawer on the opposite side.

Why You’ll Love It

The asymmetrical design grabs attention from the moment you enter the room. The rods connecting the cabinet and the drawer to the desk are also very subtle, so much so you can miss them at a glance. This is what creates an illusion of weightlessness. The impression is simply one of geometric objects coexisting in space in an artful arrangement.

MCM Curved Office Desk Computer Desk with Shelf & Storage

mid century modern desk
  • Overall Length: 47.6″
  • Overall Width: 24.4″
  • Overall Height: 30.3″
  • Materials: Manufactured wood and stainless steel
  • Three drawers, one door
  • Warranty: 3-year limited (residential) or 1-year limited (commercial)

For a completely different look but an equally mid century vibe, you can consider this Curved Office Desk. This curved writing desk is a rough oval shape. On the side where you sit, it indents slightly, making for a more natural and comfortable fit. It also gives it a slight resemblance to MCM kidney bean tables, which adds further to its appeal.

The top of the desk is brown, showing off the natural wood grain, while the rest is painted a forest green color. The right side of the desk features a single open shelf, while there are two larger curved shelves arranged on the left, one atop the other. That side of the desk includes a curved cabinet door which you can use to close off the two shelves. Slender tapering legs with a gold finish complete the look.

Why You’ll Love It

This office desk will bring classic appeal to your workspace. The gentle curves and the muted hues invoke a feeling of calm, focus and clarity, perfect for working on any project.

59.1″ Mid Century Modern Natural Writing Desk Wooden Computer Desk with 2 Drawers 4 Legs

mid century inspired computer desk
  • Overall Length: 59.1″
  • Overall Width: 19.7″
  • Overall Height: 29.5″
  • Pine wood
  • 2 drawers
  • Warranty: 3-year limited (residential) or 1-year limited (commercial)

One more option to consider for a Mid Century Modern desk is this gorgeous Natural Writing Desk. It is made entirely out of real pine and has a natural finish so you can enjoy the unique beauty of the wood grain.

The top of the desk is rectangular and symmetrical, but the profile from the front or back of the desk is asymmetrical. On the right side (facing the desk when seated at it), there is a pair of drawers which taper gently upward so that the top drawer is a little larger than the bottom drawer. The bottom of the desk also forms an angle, tapering from the left side where it is narrowest down toward the bottom of the upper drawer on the right, forming a long, narrow triangle.

The legs of the desk are narrow and tapering, with the angle of the legs on the left matching the angle at which the drawers on the right taper.

Why You’ll Love It

While it is hard to describe how all the angles of this desk work together in words, visually, the effect is very streamlined. You will love the sophisticated shape of the desk and the beauty and durability of the pine. Considering that the desk is made of solid pine, the price is also very reasonable.

Get Your MCM Desk Now

Now you have had a chance to check out some of the most beautiful mid-century office desk options available today. Whether you are looking for a Mid Century Modern white desk, a Mid Century Modern curved desk, or something else altogether, you are bound to find what you desire at Homary.