Hans Wegner Circle Chair

Hans Wegner was a pioneer in furniture design. One of the world’s leading architects, Hans J. Wegner had an affinity for chairs. During his lifetime, between 1914 and 2007, he was responsible for creating nearly 500 chairs.

A Danish designer, Wegner was often asked how he was able to create the Danish style.

His reply: “purification and simplification.” Hans Wegner didn’t add robust features to the chairs he designed. Instead, he focused on the simple aspect of four legs, a seat and a back. The circle chair maintains many of the same design elements that the world is accustomed to with Hans Wegner chairs.

Wegner’s Circle Chair
Hans Wenger Chairs

Wegner had a long career, always focusing on simplicity and making functional chairs that would stand the test of time. The modern circle chair does just that – it looks good in every decade.

Wegner had a long career, and the circle chair was one of his ambitions that he worked on for years.

The chair symbolizes simplicity, but it also shows that Hans Wegner was able to stay creative and at the top of the industry well into his senior years. He would work on the chair until he was 72 years old.

Designing a chair for Hans Wegner goes well beyond the basics. The circle chair posed a question to manufacturers that had to create special machinery to create the wood needed for the chair.

Rumor has it that Wegner himself didn’t think that the circle chair was possible because of the circular wood pattern.

A lot of work and ingenuity went into the development of the circle lounge chair. Today, manufacturers are able to meet the design specifications that Hans Wegner envisioned for the circle chair.

PP Mbler, which is responsible for producing many of the chairs Wegner designed, brought together leading engineers to create the machinery this chair requires to be developed.

The chair is large thanks to its circular back, but it also had to be functional so that it is as convenient as it is aesthetically pleasing. Wegner achieved this with a circle chair that is:

  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Light
  • Practical

The circle chair is still sold today, with manufacturers hand crafting each chair to maintain the highest level of quality and engineering that Hans Wegner would be proud of.

Large and encompassing, the modern circle chair has a deep seat with a comfortable cushion and a place to rest your head. The two front legs are static while the back legs have caster wheels to quickly maneuver the chair.

Eternity Modern’s Hans Wegner Circle Chair
Eternity Modern Circle Chair Replica

Eternity Modern sells numerous reproductions of Hans Wegner that are designed to be identical to the original chair. The chair has quickship and custom options available. The custom option includes the ability to choose:

  • Cashmere, with four colors to pick from.
  • Frame, with the option to choose a light or dark wood.

Consumers can also use their own material for the cushion and headrest. Leather is a common, custom choice for the circle lounge chair, adding comfort and a durable material.

Thirteen years of experience is put into the construction of every chair.

Material and Features

Custom orders can request samples of all cushioning material to make a choice for the right color for your décor. The materials that are used in the design of each circle chair include:

  • Hardwood frames
  • Medium-firm cushion
  • Solid wood frame and legs
  • Natural oak finish
  • Two caster wheels
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Fire-resistant material

C.O.M material for the upholstery is also available.


Circle chairs have the following dimensions:

  • Width of 44”
  • Height of 37”
  • Depth of 36.6”

Seat height is 16.5”.

Keep in mind that all dimensions are approximations, so yours may be a slightly different size. The slight variation in size provides a unique piece of furniture that is truly one of a kind.

Build Time

Custom chairs require time to build, and adhering to Hans Wegner’s design standards means that the chair will require an 8- to 12-week lead time. Since every chair is built to order, no two chairs are exactly alike.

You’re purchasing a truly unique piece of furniture.

Warranty and Return

Eternity Modern offers a 5-year warranty on all products. Returns can be requested within 15 days. The manufacturer offers:

  • 1-year warranty on factory defects
  • 5-year warranty on all parts

The warranty requires that the chair be used as expected. Maltreatment or commercial use is not covered by the warranty.

All orders over $1,000 have free shipping.

Financing is available through Affirm, with the ability to prequalify prior to purchasing your chair. The chairs are the perfect addition to a modern home, offering a beautiful contrast and the ability to make other pieces of furniture “pop.”

The circle chair quickly becomes a focal point in the room, with a modern, elegant piece that is handmade and follows the strict guidelines set by Hans Wegner.