Kardiel Furniture

Kardiel Furniture

If you are looking to add high-quality mid-century modern and MCM-inspired furnishings to your home, look to Kardiel. This brand started by a family of four modernism enthusiasts has built a reputation for producing outstanding MCM furnishing replicas as well as original designs that fit well within a mid-century motif.

In this guide, we will take a look at some of their stunning pieces, appreciating their excellent attention to detail in MCM replicas. But first, let’s learn a little bit more about what sets Kardiel apart.

Company History

Kardiel writes, “We spend our days collaborating with talented furniture designers who bring history, purpose and meaning to our pieces. Working with factories that we have hand-selected for their small-scale production, we then bring their designs from paper to life and deliver them to you.”

High-quality materials are very important to Kardiel, as is preventing health concerns. Their furnishings are designed to offer sumptuous comfort and support, and are dyed using natural oils and waxes so that you can avoid contact with polymers and paints. No chemicals are added to the fire-retardant foam used in some products.

The company uses wood imported from Australia and leather imported from Italy. The furnishings are crafted by hand to ensure the utmost quality control and attention to detail.

Kardiel Mid Century Modern Furniture

Now that you know more about Kardiel, let’s take a look at some MCM pieces to think about adding to your home or office.

Bubble Chair With Frame

Top of our list are Kardiel MCM Bubble Chairs. The original bubble chair is a famous design from Finnish MCM designer Eero Aarnio, who came up with it in 1968. It was a variant of the Ball Chair. But whereas the Ball Chair sits on the floor, the Bubble Chair is suspended from above. It also is see-through, like a soap bubble, thus the name “Bubble Chair.”

There were two versions of the Bubble Chair. The better known of the two was suspended from the ceiling by a chain, while the other included a stand mount.

The Kardiel Bubble Chair we are looking at here measures width 40.2″ x depth 35.4″ x height 47.2″, featuring an arch support made of stainless steel. The arch support attaches to a stand that rests on the floor, and the chair hangs from the top of the arch. But if you prefer a version that hangs from the ceiling, Kardiel makes that product as well, which you can find here.

As with the original Bubble Chair, the Kardiel version is transparent. It can swivel 360 degrees, and it features a multi-density seat and back cushion set made out of comfortable and safe foam. The maximum capacity is 280 pounds.

The Bubble Chair instantly brings the flavour of the 60s to your home, combining minimalism and fun in one elegant profile. It is backed by the Kardiel 3-year limited warranty.

Woodrow MCM Box Sofa

When it comes to mid-century leather sofas, Kardiel is the place to shop! The company manufactures a number of different sofas that can bring the stunning sophistication of MCM design to your living room.

One design we particularly enjoy is the Woodrow Box Sofa. The appeal of this piece is its utter simplicity. It was inspired in large part by American designer Milo Baughman’s early case study sofas.

It is described quite well by its name, “Box.” Indeed, the sofa is essentially a large, hollow rectangular box made out of American Walnut with no top or front. The seat and back cushions feature squared button tufting for a classic MCM look, and are made form top-grain aniline leather.

The sofa’s overall dimensions are width 86.5″ x depth 31.5″ x height 27.5″; the interior dimensions are width 79″ x depth 22″. The brass stiletto legs stand 8”, and feature floor protectors to prevent scratches.

Color options for the leather include Black, Tan, White, Cognac and Night. If you prefer fabric, there is an even wider selection of colors available like Neptune Velvet, Atomic Moss, Urban Hemp, Haze Pewter and Seagrass Linen. The sofa is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

Roche MCM Leather Sofa

Kardiel mid century modern leather couch

Another fantastic option for a mid-century modern leather couch from Kardiel is the Roche 89″ Leather Sofa.

As you might have guessed from the name, this design is based on that of the Roche couch designed for the Maison La Roche house. The original design actually dates back to 1928, but it has many of the hallmarks of classic MCM design, and was in fact a precursor to many later sofas.

There is no wood frame for this couch. Kardiel made it using a tubular stainless steel frame. Roche sofas were sometimes called “cushion baskets,” and that is a pretty good description. The metal “basket” holds all of the cushions in place. There is a web spring platform at the bottom to boost the support the sofa offers.

Kardiel put a great deal of time and hard work into handcrafting an astonishing replica. The company explains, “Kardiel offers the highest quality reproduction of this series on the market. We specialize and understand fully the intricacies of the original design. From the supple Top Grain Aniline Leather to the plump generously filled and wrapped cushions, our full list of features means you don’t have to settle for an inferior reproduction.”

Even the way the sofa was made is more true to the original than many competing replicas. You’ll find other companies making Roche sofas by welding together two pieces of steel to join the arms to the back. But in keeping with the original design, Kardiel instead used a single piece of tubular steel, bending it with the assistance of heat.

While such differences might seem subtle to the casual observer, the trained eye may spot the superior craftsmanship of Kardiel. And if authenticity is important to you in your MCM furnishings, you will appreciate this extra attention to detail.

Like the Box sofa we previously shared, the Roche 89″ Leather Sofa is upholstered with soft, unprocessed, top-grain aniline leather. Color options include Black, White and Cognac. If you prefer fabric, you can have this couch upholstered with Royal Blue Velvet.

Inside the cushions is multi-density foam with a layer of silk. That layer helps to improve the memory of the foam and comfort. The overall dimensions are width 89.4″ x depth 29.5″ x height 25.6″, while the seat dimensions are width 74.4 x depth 19.7″. It takes just five minutes to assemble this couch, and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Where Can You Buy Kardiel Furniture?

Now you have had a chance to check out some of Kardiel’s beautiful handcrafted mid-century modern furnishings. If you are ready to bring their stunning MCM designs to your home or office, click any of the links in this article to order.