Ekornes Stressless Guide

Ekornes Stressless Scandinavian Furniture

If you are in search of ergonomic furnishings that can provide you with the back and neck support you need while also bringing retro Scandinavian appeal to your interior, you can consider recliners and other products from Ekornes Stressless.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the Ekornes Stressless brand and explain how it has become a classic.

We will then introduce you to some of this company’s most coveted products.

What is Ekornes Stressless Furniture?

Ekornes Stressless Sofa

Ekornes Stressless furniture is a line of recliners and sofas that were designed to be both aesthetically appealing and sumptuously comfortable.

Ekornes products became particularly popular in the 70s and 80s, which is why today, having Stressless furniture in your home or office helps to convey that nostalgic feel.

Is Ekornes the Same as Stressless?

One thing that may confuse you if you are new to these recliners and sofas is that sometimes they are referred to as “Ekornes” products and other times as “Stressless” products.

Sometimes, “stressless” isn’t even capitalized. What is going on here?

Are all of these the same products?

Basically, yes.

Hypothetically, if someone is not capitalizing “stressless,” they are probably referring to the “Stressless” brand, but they might be referring to any furnishings patterned off of Stressless brand recliners and sofas.

As to Stressless itself, it is a brand belonging to its parent company, Ekornes. So, sometimes people reference the brand name when talking about these furnishings. Other times, they reference the Norwegian parent company.

The history of Ekornes dates clear back to 1934. The company is named after its founder, Jens Ekornes.

Over the subsequent decades, Ekornes grew, launching its first lounge furniture collection in 1966.

In 1970, Ekornes applied for the patent for its Stressless products, which launched in Norway a year later.

Stressless was an instant hit domestically, and it wasn’t long before the company was shipping them out internationally. By 1977, Ekornes dominated the Scandinavian furniture manufacturing sector.

What Makes Ekornes Scandinavian Furniture So Desirable?

1. Innovation

One reason why Ekornes furnishings are popular today is because they are legendary. And what made them legendary was in large part how innovative they were in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

It was the Stressless brand that pioneered features many of us take for granted nowadays like swivelling or adjustable head positioning.

These adjustment features made them more functional for activities like watching television or reading. That was a large part of why they made their way to so many households around the globe.

2. Style

Many people choose Ekornes furnishings today because they want to capture the look and feel of the 70s and 80s.

Since Stressless chairs and couches were so popular at that time, Ekornes furniture is immediately evocative of that time period.

At the same time, the broad aesthetic appeal of Stressless designs lends them an almost timeless quality. Ekornes furniture has been popular for decades, and should remain that way for many more.

3. Ergonomics and comfort

Finally, perhaps the most distinctive feature of Ekornes furnishings is how comfortable they are. This quality is reflected in the brand name Stressless.

Stressless calls themselves “The Innovators of Comfort.” And you know what? That is a title that is well-earned. Their recliners maximize freedom of movement as well as support no matter how you have positioned yourself.

As Stressless explains, “The intricate arrangement of springs includes the ultimate flexible lumbar spring in the Plus™ System, which cradles the back, neck and head for the optimal support in any recline position.”

Additionally, “We layer foam to create the softest, most conforming seat possible. Our Comfort-Zones™ foam is molded directly over the steel base with perforations that ensure identical air pockets. This consistency ensures the foam’s ventilation and a long lasting cushion. Two more layers of foam are fashioned above that to ensure the seat is protected and fully functional.”

You know how some seats are easy to sink into, while others are not? The perforated air pockets are there to help you sink comfortably into your sumptuous Stressless chair.

Elaborating on how adaptive their furnishings are to movement, the company writes, “Unrestricted movement is the key to true comfort. The Stressless® Glide system reads your body’s weight and shape to adjust making reclining natural and adaptive – not conforming to any preset recline positions like most recliners. It is equally as important to be able to move in and out of your chair. With our unique swivel base, 360-degree rotation is possible, allowing for a full range of movement.”

All of this is great news for those who suffer from back or neck pain or headaches in particular.

Even something as simple as holding one position for too long can exacerbate pain issues. So, it is phenomenal to have a recliner where you can reposition yourself as necessary while enjoying complete restful comfort.

No matter who you are—whether you have health-related needs like these or not—a Stressless chair will allow you to focus on what you are watching, reading or doing in total relaxation. Indeed, SmartFurniture refers to it as “almost like you’re floating on air.”

Top Ekornes Stressless Furnishings to Consider

Now that you know about the unique materials and engineering features that make Stressless furnishings some of the most comfortable on the planet, let’s take a look a couple of top retro-style Ekornes products.

In this guide, we are going to focus on Stressless recliners, but remember, Ekornes also makes Stressless sofas. So, you may want to take a look at that product line as well.

1. Stressless Magic Chair Medium with Classic Base

Stressless Magic Chair

If you have heard about the “Ekornes stress magic chair,” someone was likely referring to one of the brand’s most popular products, the Stressless Magic Chair.

In this overview, we are looking at the medium version of this chair, which measures 39.75″ h x 32.5″ w x 30.25″ d and includes an ottoman measuring 17″ h x 21.75″ w x 22″ d. The height of the seat is 17”. But you can also purchase a large or small version of the Stressless Magic Chair.

The chair’s overall appearance is one of luxurious refinement. One of the key features of the design is a crease in the chair’s center. This shape enhances the “sinking into the chair” effect you get when you recline on the Stressless Magic Chair.

The chair includes the brand’s famous Glide System that we discussed before, so it is responsive as you adjust your position. That means that no matter how you want to sit, you can relax completely—perfect for those who need to alleviate tension in the back, shoulders or neck.

The Stressless Magic Chair comes with a removable headrest, allowing you to give yourself just the right amount of support. Also, lumbar support is built in thanks to the Plus system. As you change positions, both of these support features accompany your movement so that there is never a moment without optimum support.

Another cool feature is what the brand calls “ErgoAdapt.”

This feature shifts the angle of the seat based on whether you are sitting upright or lying back so that your posture feels as natural as possible.

As to the materials used to make the Magic Chair, Stressless incorporated two layers of foam to provide cozy but firm cushioning over top of a steel glide system. The base is made of bent plywood, and the upholstery is either leather or fabric, depending on the option you select.

In fact, here are your specific options for leather:

  • Batick leather: This type of leather is corrected aniline-dyed and also grain-embossed. Relatively free of marks, it is rugged and easy to clean. There are 8 different colors to choose from.
  • Paloma leather: This type of aniline-dyed leather does feature natural marks. It is soft and breathable, and comes in 20 different colors.
  • Cori leather: The pebbled grain of this pigment-improved leather makes for a distinctive look and feel. It is relatively mark-free and features tip-shine. It also is easy to clean. You can get it in any of 14 different colors, a few of which have a two-tone effect.
  • Noblesse leather: This exclusive-quality Ekornes leather is a full grain semi-aniline, and features a superior lustre and texture. Note, however, that it is also the most fragile option.

There are also a range of wood finishes you can pick for the base. These include oak, natural, walnut, grey, brown, black, teak and wenge.

All of the materials that go into the Stressless Magic Chair are durable enough to stand up to daily use, providing you with many years of exceptional comfort.

2. Stressless Reno Chair Medium with Classic Base

stressless reno chair

Another of the most popular products from Stressless is the Reno Chair. The medium version of this chair measures 38.6″ h x 31.5″ w x 29.5″ d and comes with an ottoman measuring 15.7″ h x 22.8″ w x 17.7″ d. At 15.7”, the seat is a little bit lower than that of the medium Magic chair. Large and small versions of the Reno chair also are available.

While this chair has a different look to it than the Magic chair, it features the same Glide system as well as a movable headrest and lumbar support complete with the Plus system.

This chair also features two layers of foam for maximum comfort as well as a swivelling bent plywood base.

As with the Magic chair, you have your choice of upholstery materials and colors for the Reno chair, and you can choose the finish you want for the base. With its beautiful and accommodating design, it is easy to see how it has become another of the classic Stressless recliners.

3. Stressless Swing Table

stressless side table

You can enhance your Stressless chair with the Stressless Swing table, also an Ekornes product.

It is simply a classy little swing table you can attach to the arm of your chair. It is just the right size to hold your drink or maybe a small snack—12.5″ in diameter to be exact.

A number of different finishes are available, so you can choose a color that is coordinated with the base of your Stressless chair.

The majority of Ekornes recliners can use the Stressless swing table. Exceptions include the Signature, Star Base, Metro, City, Dream, Spirit, Blues, Jazz, and Vision chairs.

Get Ekornes Stressless Furnishings Now and Relax in Total Comfort

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